Artist Statement

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  • posted at 05/01/2011






 "Genuinely Visible"

For the past 10 years, I have been involved in creating advertisements, with the purpose to encourage both the specified and unspecified audience to seek additional value in various goods, urging consumption.Our world still continues to produce goods for the sake of consumption, and I cannot help but question their ephemeral nature.

Through this experience, I firmly believe that the goods existing in society are comprised of information other than its essential quality.  In other words, there is a significant gap between its visual appearance and the impression or inspiration it gives the respective individual.

Now, imagine a spoon placed in front of you.No one would deny the fact that it is physically, a spoon.  However, based on the recipient, the spoon could turn into something incredibly amusing, or depressing and upsetting. At that moment, one will visually recognize “something” which sets that spoon apart from an ordinary spoon.

The basis of my works is to visually express this exact thing, something that happens to be “genuinely visible”.  Through the medium of people, I believe that personalities and stories may dwell in even the most inorganic goods, destined for consumption.

Today, people need to cope with common sense and stereotypes generated through the formation of communities, and feel overwhelmed with the massive and growing amount of information.  At a time like this, people become ignorant of their consciousness and senses.  My strong desire is that my work will allow those to take notice of this fact, hopefully along with a hint of entertainment, and enable them to seek the intrinsic significance of various goods.Artist Statement